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Commerce SafeCam Program

January 7, 2014

The Commerce SafeCam program encourages commercial property and business owners to install surveillance cameras to make their locations safer for shoppers and the community. The program provides reimbursement for 50% (up to $3,000) of the total cost of eligible safety camera installation. The ultimate goal of the SafeCam program is to improve the safety, vitality and economic performance of Philadelphia’s business and commercial districts.


Applicants must be the owner of a commercially occupied property, an operating tenant business with approval of the property owner, or an established business association or community based organization representing businesses in a particular area. Applicants must be operating legally, properly registered, licensed with the City of Philadelphia, and current with all city taxes. Eligible surveillance cameras must be IP-enabled, capable of Digital Video Recording, and must meet the criteria specified in the SafeCam program application.

Application Process

Applications to the SafeCam program require photos of the proposed location of the surveillance camera and of the entire front façade of the building, itemized estimates from two (2) licensed contractors and, for tenant businesses, a letter from the building owner granting permission for the installation.

SafeCam Program Guidelines:

To apply:


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