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The DAK Group CLE Course, Helping Your Clients Protect and Grow Their Business Value in a World of Disruptive Change

January 12, 2016

The DAK Group will provide a CLE  course titled "Helping Your Clients Protect and Grow Their Business Value in a World of Disruptive Change" on Tuesday, January 12 in Zarwin Baum's Philadelphia office.
CLE Course Overview:
25% of your business owner clients are contemplating an M & A transaction in the next 24 months. How can you best utilize your position to impact the value of their transaction and stay in front of their strategic goals?
Your clients are faced with more and faster changes today than ever before. Challenged as they attempt to deal with increased complexities and choices in the environment in which they compete.  
Most are not aware of the tools that are available to them to deal with these complexities as they face consolidation, increased competition, new technologies or decreased loyalty.   Standing still is not an option and the standard principles of managing the challenges of running a business no longer apply. 
We will examine the way business owners and their advisors can protect, create and drive value. 
Attorneys and business owners need to think and act differently, and be prepared to react quickly to changes. How your client anticipates and responds to accelerating change will determine whether they are a   beneficiary or victim of the underlying disruption.
This presentation will arm you with key information to guide your clients through this time, providing them with added value services and helping them to become beneficiaries – while strengthening your relationship!
Alan Scharfstein will lead a discussion on how to help your client’s be the winners in this time of disruptive change. 
Participants will learn strategies to help clients:
manage risk and hedge against the unknown
identify the "hidden" value within client’s companies
leverage  mergers and acquisitions as a  positive change agent to stay ahead of the competition 
You will leave feeling better equipped to not only protect your client’s company but maximize its value in the current environment.

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