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The Alternate Energy Revolution

May 24, 2012

The frequent changing and now increasing gasoline retail prices pose dilemmas for the motoring public.  The public properly asks why, especially since these increases daily affect pocketbooks.  The reasons are varied and we have heard most of them.  Some appear logical, others, beyond general understanding, involving market forces.  But there is a positive economic alternative -- electric charged motor vehicles, cars, trucks, and SUVs -- a future major development that will change our world.  I call it the Alternate Energy Revolution.  The build out of electric vehicle charging stations is in development not only in the U.S. but elsewhere in the world.  Why?  Costs and other reasons.  With present technology, electric vehicle driving costs are about 2-3¢ per mile contrasted to 16-18¢ per mile for gasoline driven vehicles (no gasoline, spark plugs, belts, oil changes) and there are federal tax credits and state tax credits are proposed.  Electric vehicles are as safe, fast and powerful as drivers expect.  A full charge can take an electric vehicle up to 100 miles.  And, electric vehicles do not exhaust tailpipe fumes, better for the environment.  Importantly, less oil purchases from anti-West suppliers.  Also, electric vehicles will cause less road damage than gasoline driven vehicles because of their configuration.  Electric charging stations will be and are being installed wherever motorists park: garages, condos, apartment houses, shopping centers, movies, etc. and, likewise, gasoline stations will build them.  There is an ability to "top off", waiting only a short period of time, similar to gasoline.  Electric charging stations will be built on major highways at rest stops lessening stalling concerns.  The ultimate goal is achieving energy independence. Currently there are about 38 pure electric vehicle models on manufacturers' drawing boards.  And solar energy can be used to power charging stations.  The above is a brief synopsis of the Revolution.  There is much more, all positive. 

Norman Zarwin is the Chairman of U-GO Stations, Inc., a company building electric vehicle charging stations in Pennsylvania, elsewhere in the U.S. and off-shore.  For more information see the U-GO website,  To contact me, my email address is

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