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Attorney Spotlight: Meet Tony Twardowski

January 6, 2014

In each quarterly report, we feature a brief discussion about one of the members of Zarwin Baum’s Commercial Department. In this issue, we’d like to introduce you to Tony Twardowski, who co-chairs the Commercial Department’s Litigation Practice Group.

Tony Twardowski joined the firm in 2009 and currently co-chairs the Litigation Practice Group within Zarwin Baum’s Commercial Department. Before joining the firm, Tony spent the bulk of his career at Wolf Block, where he was a senior commercial litigator and partner for nearly twenty five years.

Tony’s commercial litigation background is extensive. He has successfully handled cases covering a wide variety of substantive commercial areas, such as construction, surety, fidelity, insurance coverage, lender liability, insurance liquidation, professional malpractice, partnership disputes and corporate governance, intellectual property, creditor rights and real estate. His broad experience includes numerous jury and non-jury trials before a number of state and federal judges, as well as many arbitration/mediation proceedings.

In addition, Tony has significant skill in international litigation, having overseen parallel litigation for many years, involving substantial surety, construction and indemnity claims, pending in New York federal court and in various courts throughout Brazil. After over 16 years, the cases in Brazil are still active and Tony remains intimately involved.

Whether representing a plaintiff or defendant, before committing a client to expend significant time and expense to litigation, Tony evaluates the details and nuances of each matter to see if an acceptable alternative resolution is possible. When it is not, Tony believes a proactive approach, where the case is vetted and fully evaluated at an early stage so that a thorough but cost-effective game plan is put in place and implemented at the outset, is the one most likely to yield a positive result, whether by settlement or court resolution. This approach has served Tony and his clients well over the years. Read more:

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