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Attorney Spotlight: Alan Wohlestetter

June 17, 2015

Alan Wohlstetter has been with the firm since October 2014 and chairs the firm’s Public Finance and Charter School practices. Alan also serves as President of Charter School Renewal, a consulting firm helping charter schools navigate change. Alan has mentored a number of students over the years, including two who have graduated from college, and one who is entering tenth grade. He ran a mentoring program at the Stoddart-Fleisher Middle School in North Philadelphia for a number of years, and served as co-President of Operation Understanding, a leadership program in the African-American and Jewish communities.

In the field of public finance, Alan is serving as co-Bond Counsel to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission on a $240 million bond financing, as well as Underwriter’s counsel on a $10 million bond financing for a charter high school in North Carolina. With respect to charter schools, Alan has financed 30 charter schools in five states and helped charter schools in two states with charter renewal. In the area of public-private partnerships, Alan serves as counsel to the city of Falls, New Mexico on its public-private partnership with over 160 video surveillance cameras, having performed the same function for the City of Wilkes-Barre’s 250-camera network. In April 2015, Alan’s article entitled “You Are Being Watched: How Long Is Too Long?” was published in Philadelphia’s Legal Intelligencer. In June 2015, he spoke on video surveillance and public private partnerships at the Pennsylvania Municipal Law Colloquium. Alan has been the sole attorney to speak at the national Secured Cities Conference for the past eight years on using public-private partnerships to enhance public safety consistent with Fourt Amendment protections.

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