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Zarwin Baum Goes Back to School (8th Grade Actually)

May 24, 2017 & May 30, 2017

On May 24 and 31, Firm attorneys Darwin Beauvais, Michael Goss, Mitchell Kaplan, Ron Lebovits, Steve Pollock, Steve Ritner, Katelyn Czarnik, Deone Powell, Scott Goldstein and Alan Wohlstetter taught a class on “Cyberbullying” to the 8th graders at the Weir Mitchell School, the K to 8 District school in southwest Philadelphia Zarwin Baum adopted almost five years ago. After a quick grounding in the First Amendment and how it has been interpreted with respect to student speech, the students broke into law firms to decide whether to defend fictional students who used Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr in exercise of their First Amendment right to freedom of speech.  Scott Goldstein and Anya Davis of Zarwin Baum helped develop the curriculum, which was based on StreetLaw, a 35-year program to introduce students from diverse backgrounds to careers in law. One takeway: it was the Zarwin Baum attorneys who may have learned the most!

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