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Ted Schaer Speaks on Artificial Intelligence: Robots, Monsters, or Helpful Friends?

April 30, 2018

On May 17th, Ted Schaer, the Chairman of Zarwin Baum’s Cyber Liability, Privacy and Data Protection Department, will be a speaker at the IADC’s Professional Liability Roundtable: Monsters in the Closet at the University of Chicago. Ted will be discussing Artificial Intelligence: Robots, Monsters, or Helpful Friends?  This segment will explore the intersection of artificial intelligence with the professional obligations of attorneys and claims professionals. A few of the questions that the panel will cover:

  • How is artificial intelligence already impacting litigation and what new innovative technologies are shaping the insurance and claims industry?
  • Can the use of artificial intelligence impact an insurance professional’s liability for bad faith?
  • How can practitioners handle issues that might arise in document production including the litigator’s obligations under the rules of civil procedure and the impacts of “burdensomeness” and “proportionality?
  • What are the best practices to avoid sanctions and liability when the production is driven by artificial intelligence?

Ted is board certified in Privacy and US Data Protection (CIPP/US), leads Zarwin Baum’s data breach response team and has extensive experience advising clients on privacy and cyber related issues. Ted brings a unique, legal perspective to the Roundtable.

Additional information on the Roundtable and how to register can be found online at: Professional Liability Roundtable


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