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Chris Mavros to Speak at the NBI's CLE Seminar on "Top 10 Evidence Mistakes to Avoid"

April 10, 2019

Shareholder Christopher Mavros will be presenting at the National Business Institute’s Seminar for Continuing Legal Education on Tuesday, April 30th in Philadelphia, PA. The seminar will focus on “Top 10 Evidence Mistakes to Avoid.” Attendees will gain insight on how to overcome evidentiary challenges. This intermediate level program offers attorneys the knowledge and practical skills to make the best use of evidence and testimony. 

Chris will be discussing the following topics:

Keeping Evidence Out

  • Hearsay Objections 
  • Use of Motion in Limine, Motion to Exclude and Motion to Strike
  • Use of Motions for Sanctions
  • Curtailing Speaking Objection
  • Use of the Sidebar Conference
  • Jury Instructions After the Objection
  • Handling Spoliation and Missing Evidence

Expert Witnesses' Testimony and Report

  • Daubert Mistakes and Frye Challenges
  • Character and Competency
  • Opinion Testimony
  • Admissibility of What You Give Your Expert
  • Expert Report Mistakes
  • Using Video Depositions

Additional information and how to register can be found online at: NBI Top 10 Evidence Mistakes to Avoid

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