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Chris Mavros Speaks at NBI's CLE Seminar on "Advanced Trial Tactics"

August 23, 2019

On August 23, 2019, Shareholder Christopher Mavros presented at the National Business Institute’s Seminar for Continuing Legal Education in Philadelphia, PA. The seminar focused on “Advanced Trial Tactics.” Attendees gained insight, knowledge and practical skills to make the best use of evidence and testimony by exploring the most effective approaches to case theme development and information organization to help in your trial preparation efforts.

Chris discussed the following topics:

Voir Dire and Jury Selection Strategies

  • Preparing for Jury Selection
  • Preparing the Pre-Trial Order
  • Introducing Your Case During Jury Selection
  • Bringing to the Surface and Overcoming Juror and Judicial Biases
  • Reading the Vital Non-Verbal Signals Jurors are Sending
  • Peremptory and For-Cause Challenge Tactics
  • Handling Spoliation and Missing Evidence

Summations and Jury Instructions

  • What to Include
  • Length and Style Tactics
  • Use of Pace and Voice Inflection to Emphasize Key Elements
  • Addressing the Weak Points of the Case
  • The Verdict Sheet/Jury Instructions- Clearly Asking for What you Want

Roundtable Discussion

  • Handling Surprises at Trial- What to do When Unfavorable Facts Surface
  • Lessons Learned from Experience – Share Your Trial Tips and Techniques

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