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Obtaining Evidence & Getting It Admitted

On November 14, 2019, Shareholder Christopher Mavros will be filming at the headquarters of the National Business Institute in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, for a Continuing Legal Education Seminar focusing on “Obtaining Evidence & Getting It Admitted.” 

The filming will provide practical how-to's for collecting evidence and getting it admitted (or keeping evidence out), from smartphone and text evidence to medical records and expert testimony.

Chris will discuss the following topics

Medical Records and Bills - HIPAA, Discovery, Admission and More

  1. Complying with HIPAA 
  2. Ensuring You Have a Complete Set of Records and Bills
  3. Common Medical Codes and Their Meaning 
  4. Review and Interpretation of Medical Records 
  5. Medical Chart Reviews 
  6. Proper Preservation of Medical Documents Received
  7. Medical Records, Charts, X-Rays and More 
  8. Confronting Hearsay Concerns 
  9. Authenticating Electronic Medical Record Evidence
  10. Medical Bills Authentication 
  11. Collateral Source - Justification of "Reasonable" Medical Expenses

Doctor Depositions and Cross-Examination 

Gathering and Admitting Reports, Demonstrative and Physical Evidence

  1. Tangible Objects That Inflicted the Injury 
  2. Accident and Incident Reports 
  3. Diagrams of the Accident Scene and Accident Reconstruction Evidence
  4. Weather Reports to Establish Cause 
  5. Pictures of the Injuries 
  6. Computer-Generated Animations and Videos 
  7. PowerPoint Demonstrations 
  8. Illustrative Models and Samples

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