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Ted Schaer to Speak at the 2020 CLM Annual Conference

March 4, 2020

The CLM Annual Conference is the premier annual event for professionals in the claims and litigation management industries and will take place from March 18-20 in Dallas, Texas. Ted Schaer, the Chairman of Zarwin Baum’s Cyber Liability, Privacy and Data Protection Department, will co-lead one of the sessions on March 19th entitled “Consumer Electronics and the Internet of Things – The Next Wave of Digital Evidence in Claims in Litgation.”

The world is becoming increasingly digitally hyper-connected and the objective of the “Internet of Things” is for everything to communicate and interface with everything. From wearable technology and smart home assistants, to Internet-connected medical ingestibles and social credit scores, more data is being collected about us than ever, and this data can and is being used in litigation. This session will explain how this data is collected from the IoT devices, and the places that they store data such as the cloud, cell phones, and computers. Cases involving IoT devices such as digital pacemakers, fitness wearables, and smart home assistants will be discussed with an eye to the future of how this data will become more prevalent and pervasive.

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