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The lawyers of Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy do not merely practice law, we serve clients with high-level legal representation in order to meet and exceed their goals. Each attorney's extensive experience helps our team focus on more than legal matters. We share business solutions. The following are some of the industries in which Zarwin Baum has achieved particularly outstanding results for its clients:
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Premises and Habitational Liability

The Zarwin Baum premises liability defense practice group represents clients with sound judgment, meticulous investigation, thorough preparation and aggressive tactics. Premises and habitational liability defense is one of the cornerstones of the firm's casualty defense practice with a long and extraordinary history defending these types of lawsuits in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Courts.

Clients include shopping centers, major retail chain stores, private and commercial building owners, small retail stores, apartment houses, motel and hotels, condominiums and corresponding association, restaurant and tavern owners, contractors and builders, and homeowners. Our group handles lawsuits involving allegations of negligent security, wrongful arrest and detention, weather related claims, property defects or collapses, slip/trip and falls and other accidents involving injury or death claimed to have occurred on a client’s property.

An impressive list of insurance carriers, third party administrators and self-insureds rely on us for legal representation. Clients are protected from the potential for fraud inherent in these types of claims by a network of investigators, records examiners and expert witnesses to assist our experienced legal personnel. The members of this practice group are skillful at examining leases and insurance policies in an attempt to place or share responsibility for claims with other parties.

For the premises and habitational liability defense practice group, success is not only in the courtroom. Our attorneys keep clients well informed about the status of a case for claims administrators to effectively manage the litigation. We employ an immediate and efficient case evaluation and budgeting process that considers the potential damages exposure and the cost of litigation. Throughout the litigation, systematic updates are provided while prompt and cost-effective resolutions, including alternative dispute resolution methods, are considered.

At the heart of our group’s commitment is an aggressive, no-holds-barred litigation style designed to place clients in the best negotiation position to achieve a favorable resolution. In court, the premises liability defense practice group is comprised of resourceful, battle-tested litigators who employ cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest likelihood for success.

Whether the client's matter is complex and catastrophic or simple and straightforward, the premises and habitational liability defense practice group is committed to providing the highest quality legal service at a reasonable cost.


For more information, please contact any of the practice members referenced in the Attorney Listing.

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