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DiCicco v. DiCicco

May 11, 2016

Plaintiff, Catherine DiCicco was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle that was involved in an accident on I95 in Bucks County. A few moments prior to this accident there had been a traffic accident on I95, involving several uninsured vehicles. The DiCicco vehicle accident resulted, in part, from attempting to avoid the prior accident. As a result of this accident, Mrs. DiCicco sustained a multitude of injuries, including a right hip fracture requiring surgical intervention (ORIF) and an eventual right hip replacement. A substantial recovery was made under the DiCicco Bodily Injury Policy. In addition, a further substantial recovery was made under the DiCicco Uninsured Motorist Coverage portion of the policy despite the fact that the prevailing law in the Commonwealth prevented both a bodily injury claim and an uninsured motorist claim under the same policy of insurance. 

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