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Joe Toddy Secures Favorable Verdict in Defense of a Regional Supermarket

May 1, 2018

Joe Toddy obtained a defense verdict at a binding $100,000 high and zero low arbitration arising out of a trip and fall incident that occurred at a regional supermarket chain in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Mr. Toddy defended the supermarket chain against allegations of negligence in the care and maintenance of its floor and more specifically a mat placed near the entrance of the store, which Plaintiff was alleging she tripped on. Mr. Toddy argued that the supermarket had systems in place to make sure that the floors were kept in pristine condition and that there was no evidence that the mat or a foreign substance caused Plaintiff to trip and fall. Mr. Toddy brought into question the Plaintiff’s own comparative negligence in failing to look where she was walking and failing to act with due regard for her own safety, as Plaintiff had previously walked past the mat upon entering the store. He further argued that Plaintiff’s alleged injuries and a subsequent knee replacement surgery, were not causally related to this incident and attributable to a preexisting condition.


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